Publishers of children’s, teenage and adult fiction in English and Irish.

MÓINÍN publishes challenging, modern fiction for today’s child, teenage and adult reader. Our novels, collections of short stories and children’s books are thematically universal and are read and ordered widely here in Ireland and across the world. We are particularly proud that our publications An Phleist Mhór and Ruball Trioball have garnered the national accolade of ‘Book of the Year for Younger Readers/Réics Carló Award in 2008 and 2010 respectively. MÓINÍN further serves its readers through author readings and workshops in libraries, schools and arts & cultural centres in Ireland and throughout Britain and North America. As well as publishing fiction for all ages, part of MÓINÍN’s mission is to train and nurture the skills of new writers at our training facility, An Scríobhlann, here in Ballyvaughan.

MÓINÍN is based in the townland of Loch Reasca, just outside the enchantingly picturesque village of Ballyvaughan, at the foothills of North Clare’s famed and stunningly beautiful Burren. It is from one of the many features of that world-renowned karst limestone region that MÓINÍN has borrowed her name. To the north and west, the waters of the Atlantic rule all, but to the east, a band of Burren hills runs in a north-south arc, forming a perfect amphitheatre that envelops Ballyvaughan and its hinterland. Numbered amongst those hills are the craggy and cavernous Aillwee, the majestic Sliabh na gCapall and, most tellingly, between those two, the resplendent Móinín Mountain. And behind Móinín Mountain lies a fertile valley – a feature all too rare in this rugged rocky realm: Móinín Valley. Hence ‘Móinín’, a word which, in our native language, An Ghaeilge, simply means ‘little grassy patch’.

The Writing House

An Scríobhlann
An Scríobhlann, which translates as ‘The Writing House’, is set at the foot of Móinín Mountain. It is a custom-built writers’ training centre which looks out on the range of the three neighbouring Burren mountains that shelter Ballyvaughan to the east. The centre offers creative writing courses to aspiring writers. There is further information on An Scríobhlann in a separate section of this website >>>