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ISBN 978-0-9554079-3-2

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Ó Laighléis’ highly acclaimed novel tells the horrific and gruelling tale of teenager Alan’s slide into the world of drug addiction and his involvement with its murky and danger-filled underworld. Equally importantly, Hooked also relates the parents’story: Sandra’s world is thrown into turmoil, first by the realisation that her seventeen-year-old son is in the throes of heroin addiction and then by the discovery of her husband’s infidelity. There are no ribbons wrapped around the story here – it is hard, factual and written with sensitivity and skill.

“It is a riveting story based on every parent’s nightmare.”
Lorna Siggins, The Irish Times

“Ó Laighléis deftly favours creating a dark side of urban life over sledge-hammering the reader with ‘Just Say No’ messages; the horrors of heroin addiction are revealed within the story itself and, thankfully, the author avoids any preachy commentary.”
Educationmatters, Ireland on Sunday

“Hooked inhabits the world of well-off middle-class Dublin… with all its urban angst, moral decay, drug addiction, loneliness and teen attitudes and problems.”
Patrick Brennan, Irish Independent

Heart of Burren Stone
A collection of short stories


ISBN 0-9532777-2-0

Price €10

National and international award-winning author Ré Ó Laighléis gives us a collection that is disturbingly provocative, yet permeated throughout by a humane and perceptive sensitivity. His stories alternate between the serious and the witty. Set against both urban and rural backgrounds, these stories range in location from England to the United States and from France to Ireland North and South, with a concentration on the Burren.

Ó Laighléis is equally adept whether handling the loss of childhood innocence in cosmopolitan Dublin or remotest rural Ireland, the depravity that, at times, replaces such innocence in adult years, or the twists in life that determine happiness and misery. His characters bear all the frailty and vulnerability that epitomise the difficulty of survival in contemporary society.

Whether the tragicomedy of two nine-year-olds arguing their political corners on Northern Ireland’s Garvaghy Road, the conniving roguery of a Burren publisher or the pain-filled dilemma of a dying cancer patient in a Boston hospital appealing to be assisted on his way – there is an unnerving universality to Ó Laighléis’ writing.



ISBN 0-9532777-9-8,

Price €10

Widely translated and winner of a Bisto Book of the Year award, a North American NAMLLA award, a European White Ravens award and an Oireachtas literary award, MÓINÍN is proud to present this edition of Ecstasy and other stories.

This acclaimed collection looks at the rise, the fall and the versatility of the human spirit, touching, as it does, on almost every aspect of human trial and existence. Though unflinchingly hard-hitting, it is utterly compelling and written with great insight and sensitivity. Ó Laighléis’ greatest gift is that he is a masterful storyteller.

“This combination of style and tone provides a maturity which rarely characterises writing targeted mainly at a teenage readership… It deserves the widest possible audience.”
Robert Dunbar, The Irish Times

“Always there is an appropriate honed-down style that presents the narratives in crystal clear detail… Not just a book for teenagers, but for everyone who appreciates first-class writing.”
Tony Hickey, Village

Terror on the Burren

Terror on the Burren024.jpg

ISBN 0-9532777-0-4

Price €12.50

This multiple award-winning and critically acclaimed novel is a superlative mix of the supernatural and the real. Set against the archaeological and geological richness of the Burren landscape in Ireland’s County Clare, the author weaves a mesmeric and multi-layered tale of barbarity and beauty, of the imaginative and intrigue, of good and evil.

“Measured, even against his own already high standards, Ré Ó Laighléis has given us an exceptional work of beauty and terror here. This, quite simply, stands apart.”
C.J. Haughey, former Taoiseach

“Another example of Ó Laighléis shining creations…Undoubtedly, Ó Laighléis is a gifted writer and we wait with hungry curiosity to see what he will come up with next.” 
Tom Widger, The Sunday Tribune

“This is an unusual work of rich and cinematographic prose, a work of excellence in the fantasy genre and one which bears the scope of The Mists of Avalon.”
Gabriel Rosenstock, Writer

Battle for the Burren

Battle for the Burren.jpg

Clare author Ó Laighléis sets this novel in early medieval Ireland, linking it with his other Burren novels, 'Heart of Burren Stone' and 'Terror on the Burren'.

The foreword announces the book to be "woven of the strands of the imaginative and factual", layering the history of the battle of the O'Briens, which took place at Corcomroe in 1317, with more epic themes of good and evil. His characters are described and their speech declaimed in formal, sometimes florid prose, but this is tempered by the author's loving descriptions of nature and some powerful battle scenes.

"His characters are described and their speech declaimed in formal, sometimes florid prose, but this is tempered by the author's loving descriptions of nature and some powerful battle scenes."
Elizabeth McGuane, The Sunday Business Post

"The two O'Brien cousins, Prince Dermot and Prince Donough, who will confront each other in one of the bloodiest O'Brien battles ever, is the backdrop to a story of love, fear and powers of darkness that sweep the reader from one plateau to another … I can highly recommend this book to all …"
Lord Inchiquin, Sir Conor O'Brien,
Chieftain of the Clan O'Brien, Prince of Thomond

ISBN 978-0-9554079-1-8

Price €14.00

The Great Book of the Shapers  A right kick up in the Arts

The Great Book of the Shapers.jpg

ISBN 0-9532777-8-X

Price €12.50

In a world where there are fewer true artists than there are mere pretenders and where the ordinary citizen is disenfranchised, yet has to subsidise the indulgences and affectations of poseurs and shapers, these would-be artists are so far up their own ends that they are coming out of their mouths – and sometimes, it would nearly seem, out of others’ mouths.

Ó Laighléis bursts the bubble on the ‘let’s-say-nothing’ culture of pretence, as the ubiquitous and ever-overseeing Fly tee-hees his way throughout the hilarity of it all.

This satirical look at a pretentiousness in the arts that feeds upon itself really is 

‘let’s-call-a-spade-a-shovel’ territory.

“This latest novel, his eighth, again highlights Ó Laighléis’ remarkable versatility.”